by Roger Reid|SuccessPoint360

We all go through periods in which we wish we were doing something else.


It might hit us after a particularly difficult day at work, after a bout of bad weather, or during one of life’s milestones. Decade birthdays are a good example, with the numbers forty and fifty bringing especially critical scrutiny to what we’ve done with our lives.


Regardless of when or how it happens, the question is always the same:

Am I spending my life in a way that is rewarding and satisfying to me? Or is there something better?


The measure of a life well-lived is not only different for different people but also changes as we get older. For some, being a great spouse and parent is the perfect life choice. Others may decide to seek success in business, the arts, or politics. And for a few, life’s joys and satisfaction will only be found in the solitude of nature.


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