A Time for Change, Choice, and Transition


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Most of us have experienced a time in our lives when it all seems to work, when the circumstances surrounding career, relationships and health come together in a perfect blend of success and satisfaction. Our hunches pay off, we have the inside track on making the right decisions, and we never hesitate to take action. We’re moving at light speed and nothing can stop us.

For a fortunate few, the season lasts a lifetime. But for most of us, it’s far too short. We might ride the top of the wave for a couple of years, maybe even as long as a decade, but then, things change. Career progress slows or stops all together. New ideas are hard to come by. Momentum drags. Unable to recognize opportunities the way we did in the past, our lives begin to lose traction. Eventually, our income suffers, and so does our influence.

Feeling overwhelmed and bogged down with details that never seem to amount to anything, we desperately dream of doing something different with our lives. But we tell ourselves we can’t take the risk, or don’t need the aggravation, or we’re too old to start over. So we hesitate, letting the time pass.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can restore our momentum, refocus our direction, and start making choices that are right for us.

And that’s what we’re going to explore together.

While our individual goals may be different, our common direction will always be toward making life more productive and meaningful. For some, that will mean a better job or starting a new business, or taking their existing enterprise to the next level. Others may want to improve the relationship they have with business associates and friends, or the special one they have with their spouse and family.

We’ll also explore the inherent problems that come with life’s inevitable changes. Anyone who has had to make a job transfer, end a marriage, or deal with a major health issue will tell you that life transitions are especially challenging. Change turns our world upside down. More than difficult, it’s frustrating, scary, and can bring on sudden bouts of depression, endless nights of lying awake, and a mountain of incapacitating doubt that makes us wonder if we’ll ever be happy again.

man standing at the crossroads of lifeAnd then there are those times in life when we arrive at a crossroads, and we simply don’t know which way to go. Sometimes the situation is made worse because all the roads look the same. We feel overwhelmed. We realize we should be doing something else, something different with our lives. But the obvious choices won’t solve the problem, and the obscure ones seem out of reach, or downright impossible.

If you’re feeling that way, you need to know you’re not alone. Although few of us want to talk about it, most of us have been there. The key is how to manage our way through it and emerge stronger, more resilient, and often more successful.

You may find some of my suggestions unconventional. That may be because you haven’t heard them before. Thirty-five years ago, I thought Wayne Dyer’s advice was unconventional. Same with Tony Robbins. Even some of Jim Rohn’s advice struck me as “alternative.” Because it wasn’t the kind of conversations I heard growing up, and I certainly didn’t see it being demonstrated by the people who surrounded me in my business and personal life.

I encourage you to read, ask a question or two, then determine what’s true for you. My goal is to help you do more than just survive life’s inevitable transitions. And in the process, I hope to provide you with some clarity, a lot of motivation, and my own unique tools that have made an impact on my overall success and happiness.

Finally, I’ll also pass along a few caution flags. Maybe they’ll apply to you, maybe not. If they do, you’ll be better prepared to navigate around the confusing and sometimes destructive detours in life that waste our time and often leaves us bitter and full of regret—especially as we get older.

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Roger Reid