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Roger A. Reid, Ph.D. is a writer and founder of SuccessPoint360, offering career advice and strategies for enhancing professional and personal development. A certified NLP trainer with degrees in engineering and business, Roger draws on his background as a fourteen-year corporate employee, business owner, and management consultant to help others achieve higher levels of career success and personal fulfillment in the real world.

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Here are a few popular articles:

10 Effective Ways to be Recognized as a Leader When You're Not the Boss

There are plenty of employees with several years of experience who are ready to move up and assume the responsibility of a mid-level manager. But logistics, budgets, and re-organizations can often hamper a career path.

4 Steps to Tame Your Nerves When Fear of Speaking Brings You to Your Knees

You've seen them. Calm and collected, they rise from their chair and walk to the front of the room with an expression of absolute confidence. They take the mic, look out over the audience, and then . . . Magic. The words just seem to flow.

5 Reasons for Being the Best You - Right Now!

I remember driving to work one morning and listening to three radio personalities offer their opinion on the best age in life. After a minute or so of discussing the pros and cons of a younger body versus a wiser mind, they unanimously chose 35 as the perfect age.

How You Use the First Hour of the Day May Determine if You Have a Job Tomorrow

A large percentage of employees begin the workday in a state of groggy apathy. They muddle through the morning with a cup of coffee in one hand and their cell phone in the other, browsing social media sites, texting friends, and checking email. And why not?