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This page is where I answer your questions generated from the blog articles and to provide updates on new projects I plan to introduce in 2019.  It’s also a place I can pass along a few personal thoughts and learning experiences (for me). They’ll most likely be brief and to the point, and on topics I don’t plan to develop into full length articles. If you have anything on your mind, shoot me an email to and I’ll do my best to provide a personal response within a few days.  Thanks for reading – Roger


“How to Give a Great Speech” is Getting a Facelift!

How to Give a Great Speech is Getting a Facelift! I decided to change the title and cover art for "How to Give a Great Speech."  I was never really happy with the original cover (maybe a bit too cartoonish?). So I'm republishing the book with a new title, "Speak Up ....

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