How to Give a Great Speech is Getting a Facelift!

I decided to change the title and cover art for “How to Give a Great Speech.”  I was never really happy with the original cover (maybe a bit too cartoonish?). So I’m republishing the book with a new title, “Speak Up . . . A step by Step Method to Conquer Your Fears and Give an Amazing Speech!”

Apparently, it’s exactly what I needed to do, since an advance press release produced a large institutional order from a company that plans to use it in their in-house speech training for new executives.

That’s the good news. There’s also a downside to republishing on Amazon. I lost all the great reviews from readers. While some of the previous reviewers have offered to re-post their reviews, I would really appreciate it if my blog readers would contribute a review as well. So if you would like a FREE copy of “Speak Up,” (for Kindle only), let me know and I’ll send you one in exchange for a review.

Just email me at and let me know the best email to use to send you your Kindle copy.

Until next time . . .