Introduction to Success Point 360 Podcast

A significant majority of the workforce is ready for a change. They’re ready to transition away from dead-end jobs and stifling corporate careers and move toward an environment where they can make a difference. Listen as we explore the idea of doing meaningful work on your own terms, finding purpose in your work, and making the most of opportunities to create income, wealth, and financial independence.


Episode 1 - Introduction to Success Point 360 Podcast

by Roger Reid


A recent Gallup poll revealed that 66% of workers are not engaged with their jobs. They’d rather be doing a different kind of work, employed in a different industry, or working for themselves.

It means that a significant majority of the workforce is ready for a change. These are folks who want to transition away from where they are and what they’re doing and move toward an environment where they can make a difference, where their work matters, and where they’ll receive recognition and compensation for their contribution.

If you’re part of this majority, I want to tell you about a brand new podcast called SuccessPoint 360. MY name is Roger Reid, and I’ll be your host as we explore the idea of doing meaningful work on your own terms, finding purpose in your work, and receiving compensation that’s commensurate with your contribution.

A big part of our focus will be on making the most of our opportunities to create income, wealth, and financial independence. And that’s true whether you’re a mid-level corporate manager on the fast track to advancement, or an entrepreneur. And for those who are somewhere in between—an employee ready to leave your existing job and start your own business—then you’re definitely in the right place.

Some of the ideas and suggestions you hear on this podcast will take you out of your comfort zone. Others will help you find it. And most important, the content has been chosen to help you think differently about your professional life, to expand and increase your options and choices, and to recognize new opportunities.

That’s what we’re going to explore together.

Who’s going to be sitting next to you in this virtual theater? There’s no typical composite listener. Each is different, facing different challenges and situations. But if I had to put together an avatar based on the most important commonalities, it would sound a little like this:

It’s someone who is looking for insight on how to make their lives more satisfying, to derive a sense of meaning from their work, and to create better professional and personal outcomes for themselves.

From the feedback and response I’ve received from my blog, I also know a large part of the audience is made up of those who have noticed the years are passing and they’re still in the same place – same job, same salary, working with the same group of people, essentially doing the same thing, day after day.

And they’re frustrated. Some are miserable. Because they know they’re capable of doing so much more. And now, they’re ready to break free from a predictable life that isn’t providing the opportunities they hoped it would.

And while they dream of doing something different with their lives, they’ve told themselves they can’t take the risk, or don’t need the aggravation, or they’re too old to start over, so they hesitate, letting the time pass.

So, regardless of background or profession, or where you are in your current career, you’ll share the company of those who are outwardly successful, who have talent, ability, and are ready to accomplish more with their lives.

While each individual’s goals may be different, our common direction will always be toward making life more productive and meaningful. For some, that will mean a better job, starting a new business, or taking their existing enterprise to the next level.

So if your job, or for that matter, your life in general, has got you feeling overwhelmed and bogged down with details that never seem to amount to anything. If you’re dreaming of doing something different with your life, I hope you’ll join me, once a week, on success point 360.

Before I wrap this up, I’ll tell you a little about myself.

Online, I’ve been a blogger for several years, and as a regular contributor to Thrive Global and Medium, I’ve written hundreds of articles on business, communication, professional success, and personal choice.

This podcast is an extension, a logical evolution of those blogs.  I’m the author of Profit on Purpose, a book written for the small business owner and entrepreneur. I also wrote, “Speak Up, a step by step method of conquering your fears of public speaking and giving a great speech. My newest book, “Navigating the corporate maze,” will be released in the summer of 2020. And I’ll have more information about it as we move closer to the release date.

Hopefully, what you hear on this podcast will resonate with you, give you some ideas that you can put into practice. And so I encourage you to listen, to ask a question or two, then determine what’s true for you.

So join me once a week, here on Success Point 360, and together we’ll explore how to restore our momentum, refocus our direction, and begin making choices that are just right and most appropriate for you.

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That’s it for this first introductory episode.  Until next time, this is roger Reid, hoping you’ll choose today to make a difference in your life

© 2020, Roger A. Reid