My next book, titled CorpScrew, is in the last stages of editing, and if I’m able to keep up the current pace, I should be finished by the end of May. (And yes, I do my own editing. Always have. More about the self-editing process later.)

I’m reviewing cover designs and hope to have something to put on the site in June.

What’s the new book about? In a nutshell, it’s an in-depth manual on how to find financial success and live the kind of life you want . . . while working for the man! Readers will learn how to take control of their career and find long-term satisfaction in their work, while keeping their personal objectives and priorities in harmony with a healthy and sensible life-work balance. I plan to post the first two chapters on the site around the first of May, so check back for updates.

The publication of CorpScrew will also bring some changes to Season of the Lion. Starting June 1, the business and career-oriented articles currently on “Season” will move to a brand new website at In addition, the information I wasn’t able to include in the book (to meet the 75,000 word limit imposed by the publisher) will be presented there in two formats.

The first will be the conventional blog/article format I’ve used on “Season.” The second will be in the form of a brand new podcast series! Each episode will include bonus material that expands on the book’s content and concepts, as well as introduce new ideas for those ready to take their career – and their lives – to the next level. The podcast (of course, it’s titled,  “CorpScrew”) will be available through your favorite distribution app.

Looking forward to the journey,