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What is Better Mondays about?

This book was written for a specific audience—a select group who are ready to utilize the advantages of the corporation to achieve financial success and personal satisfaction with their career. You may already be a part of this elite tribe. If so, you know that in nearly every way that counts, you’re very much like other motivated, successful employees—but with one major difference . . .

It’s Your Life First.

While you project every indication of being a dedicated company man or woman on the outside, you’re in the game for yourself. Your decisions are made from the standpoint of what serves you best—in both the short and long-term.

Your ongoing relationship with your employer is based on what the company can do for you, and how much you’ll ultimately derive from working there.

Better Mondays will help you . . .

Accomplish your financial goals while meeting your company’s expectations

  • Use your job as a stepping stone to create the career you really want
  • Become known as an “Expert” within your industry
  • Find meaning, fulfillment, and a sense of satisfaction from your work

You have the opportunity to make the most of your current career situation—right now! And most important, once you learn how to influence the relationships that determine professional success, you may find the advantages of working for the man far outweigh the drawbacks!

Better Mondays is a must read for all levels of employees in the Corporate world!  A comprehensive overview of the influences and inner workings that every employee needs to understand to achieve career success and personal satisfaction!” Gordon Haubenschild, former IBM Senior Program Manager

Roger Reid bridges the business culture gap of yesterday with that of tomorrow. His chapter on takeovers, buyouts and re-organization alone is worth the price of the book. It’s a great road map to recognizing the danger signs of those cyclical corporate moves and how to deal with them. In short, Better Mondays is the “cliff-notes” to your working life.” – Bob Stevens, former national marketing director, Seiko

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