Author: Roger Reid

Is Your Career Sustainable?

Regardless of the number of times we change our employment, there is the underlying, fundamental premise that we’re boosting our career trajectory, that our need to leave one employer for another is motivated by the hope and promise of something better — improved working conditions, more money, or greater opportunity for advancement.

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8 Tips To Master Your Communication Skills

The so-called “art” of argument is taught in law school and debate classes. In some circles, it’s thought to be a legitimate tool of getting to a better answer, to generate new ideas, and motivate new thinking that would otherwise not have happened. My advice?

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How To Create A Life Of Authenticity

​I see this question asked over and over again in blog posts and magazine articles. It’s become a popular exercise in perspective. Here’s the premise: We know the end of our lives is inescapable, so let’s take a critical look at the way we’re living …

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The Truth About Men and Their Sons

In my senior year of high school, one of my teachers told me when I was much older, I would look back and remember three or four days that had been the most important — celebrations, landmark birthdays, accomplishments — all sorts of occasions that ultimately became the major events that shaped my life.

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How I Broke The Habit Of Making A Dream List

There was a time, not too long ago, when I constantly told myself there were things I needed to do — tasks I should accomplish. Knowing the importance of having written goals, I added each new ambition to my list of objectives, then reduced them into small, achievable steps.

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Will Belonging To A Tribe Result In A Longer, Happier Life?

You say you’re not tribal? Then you may be hurting your chances of living a long and healthy life. It’s a different kind of relationship — something that goes far deeper than a holiday card at Christmas or catching up on your lodge buddy’s accomplishments at the next annual convention in Biloxi.

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5 Tip-Offs It May Be Time For a Little Minimalism in Your Life

Minimalism. It’s the new, trendy lifestyle of simplicity. Pair it down, throw it out, recycle it, or give it away, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you get it out of the house. The rationale for paring down is simple: The time we spend on our unneeded or unnecessary possessions often spills over into other areas of our life …

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Is it Time to Sue Your Employer?

Bringing formal legal action against your employer should always be considered a last resort to correcting an difficult situation or problem at work. So how do you know when it’s time to call an attorney? Here’s a three step process to help settle, manage, or otherwise negotiate a problem at work and avoid bringing the kiss of death to your career …

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The New World Corporate Culture

The popularity of “culture” has made it a leading topic for positive change. But as the concept of company culture expands to include tangible, value-added employee benefits, are we creating unrealistic expectations—a sense of entitlement—in the minds of existing and future employees?

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Are You Paying Too High a Price to Accomplish Your Goals?

Management newsletters and business blogs are buzzing with tips and techniques on how to choose objectives that are realistic, challenging, measurable, and most important, time-bound. These articles often deliver their advice accompanied by the well-worn metaphor of comparing the unfortunate goal-shunning majority to a ship without a rudder …

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