The New World Corporate Culture

The popularity of “culture” has made it a leading topic for positive change. But as the concept of company culture expands to include tangible, value-added employee benefits, are we creating unrealistic expectations—a sense of entitlement—in the minds of existing and future employees?

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Human Resources – Department of Smoke & Mirrors

From the description—Human Resourses—it sounds like a division of the company dedicated to the well-being and advancement of the company’s employees. Even the name sounds friendly and inviting, right? Resources help us to excel at our job and be more effective on our assignments. And human? Well, we are human, so it must be a place we can go to acquire the help we need to get along with others, work through problems, and increase the enjoyment and satisfaction we receive from our work. Wrong …

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Fifteen Techniques to Maximize Your Personal Effectiveness During Meetings

Like them or not, meetings are the life-blood of the corporation. Whether it’s implementing a new organizational process or procedure, a strategy session, dissecting a team report, goal setting, policy changes, introducing new employees, or disseminating information, a meeting is still the preferred method to accomplish the task …

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Re-thinking Your Age in a Youth-Oriented Culture

Sixty may be the new forty, but conventional assumptions and cultural bias about aging can still undermine your career, your professional relationships, and even the way strangers interact with you. The best way to protect your personal power and maintain your professional influence as you get older? Be proactive …

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Nothing Personal . . . It’s Just Business

Ever heard that? Ever said it? Unfortunately, having separate identities—one for business and another for a personal life— is fairly common in the winner-take-all world of industry and commerce. Many of us have experienced it so often we’ve come to expect at least some sleight-of-hand at the negotiating table …

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Are You Paying Too High a Price to Accomplish Your Goals?

Management newsletters and business blogs are buzzing with tips and techniques on how to choose objectives that are realistic, challenging, measurable, and most important, time-bound. These articles often deliver their advice accompanied by the well-worn metaphor of comparing the unfortunate goal-shunning majority to a ship without a rudder …

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