Bring Your New Year’s Resolutions Back From the Dead

With a third of the year behind us, the end of April signifies an important milestone—a four month benchmark for the goal-setting exercise that’s been a traditional part of each new year. Four months ago, many of us were writing down our resolutions and setting goals … how’s everyone doing?

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A Note to my Nephew

I have a nephew who reminds me of myself—the me from thirty years ago . . . aggressive, wanting to excel, battling the other “bright boys” also competing on the fast track, hoping to score a cushy corner office on the tenth floor of the corporate office …

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I’ve behaved badly, but I’m trying to change

I was talking with a friend in the gym last week. We were discussing our “personal demons,” the things we know are bad for us, but still require a mile of mental barbed-wire to keep them away from corrupting the parts of our lives we value the most …

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Spring Cleaning For the Mind

We accumulate a lot of “stuff” during a year of living, and spring is traditionally the time to sort it out, dust it off, and throw away what is no longer useful or necessary. The best place to begin? With our own thoughts, opinions, and beliefs …

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Waiting For My Life to Begin

I did it because it was expected of me . . . If I hadn’t, I would have disappointed my parents and my friends would have felt sorry for me—maybe even pitied me. And that would have made me feel like a loser. But I didn’t have to worry. I’d done the right thing …

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