What Will They Say at Your Funeral?

The premise is simple: We know the end of our lives is inescapable, so let’s take a critical look at the life we’re living, and if necessary, change our actions to motivate others to say positive things about us at our funeral. It seems like a well-intended message. But is it?

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Is it Time to Sue Your Employer?

Bringing formal legal action against your employer should always be considered a last resort to correcting an difficult situation or problem at work. So how do you know when it’s time to call an attorney? Here’s a three step process to help settle, manage, or otherwise negotiate a problem at work and avoid bringing the kiss of death to your career …

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When Someone Really Needs Your Help

Sure, we’ve all had to deal with dead batteries and leaky water pipes—the common frustrations and irritations of life. But occasionally, someone close to you will experience a personal tragedy—a time of extreme distress. And when it happens, even though you’re ready, willing, and able to help, you may feel awkward or uncomfortable because you don’t know exactly what to do or say …

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The New World Corporate Culture

The popularity of “culture” has made it a leading topic for positive change. But as the concept of company culture expands to include tangible, value-added employee benefits, are we creating unrealistic expectations—a sense of entitlement—in the minds of existing and future employees?

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Do You Think Like an Entrepreneur?

Sadly, one of the first lessons many new entrepreneurs learn is that they’ve traded corporate boredom for financial stress and logistical overwhelm. If you’re contemplating leaving your company for self-employment, make sure personality, personal values, and work ethic are in alignment with an entrepreneurial mindset …

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The New Rules For Living a Successful & Satisfying Life!

It sounds simple . . . focus on the significantly important instead of the urgently trivial. But we all know how quickly a day can become derailed with phone calls, meetings, and last minute requests from customers and supervisors. So how do we stay on track, continuing to take the right steps that, over time, will eventually lead us to success?

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Human Resources – Department of Smoke & Mirrors

From the description—Human Resourses—it sounds like a division of the company dedicated to the well-being and advancement of the company’s employees. Even the name sounds friendly and inviting, right? Resources help us to excel at our job and be more effective on our assignments. And human? Well, we are human, so it must be a place we can go to acquire the help we need to get along with others, work through problems, and increase the enjoyment and satisfaction we receive from our work. Wrong …

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The Perfect Age

I remember driving to work one morning and listening to three radio personalities offer their opinion on the best age in life. After a minute or so of discussing the pros and cons of a younger body versus a wiser mind, they unanimously chose 35 as the perfect age. At the time, I was 28. The idea of being 35 seemed impossibly old ..

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