Zen For Skeptics (and Engineers)

I went to college to become an engineer . . . to learn math, physics, and principles of electrical design. Black and white stuff. No gray in engineering. I remember my first introduction to digital computers. I learned to program the Digital PDP-8 and PDP-11 by moving banks of switches into either the on or off position. Ones or zeros. No other choices, no other possibilities. You were either right or wrong …

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Are You Really Cut Out To Be The Boss?

Regardless of your particular goal—to create the next best-selling phone app, buy a fast-food franchise, or grow your fledgling used car business into the number one automobile dealership in the state—it probably started with great ambitions and dreams of financial independence. But if after several years of hard work, you’re still struggling to keep your business afloat …

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This Year, Forget Goal-Setting & Try Something That Works!

Every January, the journals and notebooks come out of the drawer and we list the most important things we want to accomplish that year. But by April, 95% of us have completely forgotten about our goals. Bottom line, goal-setting doesn’t work for an overwhelming majority of the population. But there is an effective alternative …

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The Key to Aging Without Apology or Regret? Become the Exception!

Seniors are much too often represented as a stereotype of decline and ineffectiveness, cast to play the widely-accepted but unbefitting role of a wobbly oldster, besieged by senior moments, obsessed with early dinner discounts, and constantly stalked by the looming shadows of an assisted care facility. But a new generation of exceptional elders are changing the general perceptions of aging …

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What Will They Say at Your Funeral?

The premise is simple: We know the end of our lives is inescapable, so let’s take a critical look at the life we’re living, and if necessary, change our actions to motivate others to say positive things about us at our funeral. It seems like a well-intended message. But is it?

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Is it Time to Sue Your Employer?

Bringing formal legal action against your employer should always be considered a last resort to correcting an difficult situation or problem at work. So how do you know when it’s time to call an attorney? Here’s a three step process to help settle, manage, or otherwise negotiate a problem at work and avoid bringing the kiss of death to your career …

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